Advice from a Graduating Senior to an Incoming Freshman


    • The cafeteria will suck. You will eat most of your meals there freshman and sophomore year, so make sure you buy some hot sauce or something so you don’t get ridiculously bored with your food.

    • Don’t start dating someone your first week of school. Just because you met someone through your incoming class’ Facebook page doesn’t mean you’re meant to be.

    • Actually just don’t date anyone at all your Freshman year. You got more important stuff to do.

    • Buy a planner and start organizing your social life, classes, sports practices, etc. immediately when you get to school because it gets really overwhelming really fast and time management is key in college. Most of us don’t even figure it out until we’re juniors.

    • Parties are fine, but not every night. You don’t want to lose track of why you came to school: to learn.

    • Live on campus as long as possible because as soon as you move off it becomes ridiculously difficult to stay in the loop with what’s happening on campus. Also rent effing sucks.

    • Build relationships with your professors. They’re really cool people and they just want to help you be successful. Also, having good relationship with a professor may be the difference between a B+ and an A- when finals come up.

    • Speaking of finals, they’re not as terrible as everyone says they are. You spend the week studying and finishing up end of semester projects. If you keep on track through the whole semester, you finals week won’t be spent catching up on late projects and papers while bathing in coffee and tears.

    • Dating is fun, but if you’re attending a small college, keep in mind that you will see them LITERALLY everyday. And if you break up, you will still see them LITERALLY everyday in the halls or at social events. Yay.

    • Find your favorite coffee shop early on because you will be spending approximately half of your college career there doing homework and maybe you’ll end up like me and start working there.

    • Joining the Greek community is a blast and it can be really beneficial. You can make lots of connections that you can utilize once you graduate and are trying to find a job. Also, you’ll probably meet your best friends through the Greek Organization you joined. That’s what happened to me 🙂 (who run the world?!)

    • Break ups are the actual worst. You will most likely suffer through a heart shattering break up in college, but that’s okay. It makes you a stronger person and you’ll learn how to focus on homework through blurry eyes and while on a strict cookie dough only diet.

    • Your friend group at the beginning of Freshman year will be completely different by the time you graduate. There may be one or two people who stick with you for the full four years, but people change a lot during college and your friendships with people will come and go. It happens.

    • The sophomore slump is a real thing. Trust me. If there’s a counseling service at your school, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use it. The counselors are there for a reason and they want to help you help yourself.

    • Find a church. You’re gonna go through some tough times and attending a church can really help you through any difficult experience even if you’re not religious.

    • LEAVE CAMPUS. Go explore the city you’re living in now! There’s so much more to your college years than what’s happening on campus. Also, networking and developing relationships off-campus can help you get an internship and even a job once you graduate (cha-ching)

    • Getting a job can help you manage your time easier. You’ll be forced to do homework at certain times because you won’t be able to while at work or in class. It helps get your butt into gear.

    • Try your very best not to burn bridges. The people you meet at college will most likely be around all four years, don’t create enemies your Freshman year because they don’t just disappear. They go to your school and you’ll see them all the time.

    • Be prepared to switch majors 2 or 3 times. No one knows wtf they’re doing. Or what they want to do. Most of my class still doesn’t know wtf they’re doing and we’re at the end of the line. So you got some time, kid.

    • Enjoy your last few home cooked meals before you move off to college because you will miss them like no other when you’re staring at the slop on your cafeteria plate 3 times a day for two years. #BoneAppleTea 🙂

    • Call your friends from home often because it is so easy to lose touch when everyone goes off to college. You’ll probably fall out of touch with a few friends but that’s okay. Remember to keep cultivating the ones that really matter to you by calling and writing them often.

    • Don’t break the university’s rules. If they don’t want alcohol or drugs kept in dorm rooms, don’t keep alcohol or drugs in dorm rooms. Drinking may be fun, but getting kicked out of school is not.

    • And Finally, appreciate every new year and don’t take these amazing years for granted because I remember walking into my freshman dorm room and meeting my first roommate (who is still my closest friend) like it was yesterday. Now, I’m graduating and these four years have flown by faster than I can even begin to describe.


I hope that you feel a little more prepared to attack this whole “college experience” thing now with some of this bangin’ advice. Remember to stay true to who you are and what you believe in, but don’t be afraid to completely reinvent yourself either. You’ve got this!





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