New Year, New Mistakes

Well, here it is!


A brand, spankin’ new year.

A year where you have yet to make mistakes, acquire even more baggage, or let anyone down.

what a concept !!!

It’s YOUR year, right? The year you lose 20 lbs, quit the commitment issues, stop smoking, and call your mom more often.

This is YOUR year.

So how do we all go about this new, fresh, and clean year?

Well, for me, I sit down a week before the new year and write down my goals for the next year.

I start daydreaming about the person I could be in 365 days.

Maybe I’ll be financially stable enough to take my mom out for dinner once in a while instead of stealing toilet paper rolls from work.

Maybe I’ll go to church every single Sunday and actually participate in Lent this year.

Maybe I’ll learn how to order food with confidence instead of forgetting every word I’ve ever learned when I get to the register.

Maybe I’ll fall in love with someone and it won’t end in a horrible crash and burn.

Maybe I won’t swear as much in grocery stores and horrify the children who happen to be in earshot.


What a word,


It’s a word that is just bursting with possibility and almost promises,

But it can also string you along in terminal frustration.

Maybe” is basically an eff boy, for lack of a better metaphor.

But you know what?

I’m calling bullshit.

(sorry, kids)

You’re not a different person just because it’s been 365 days.

You’re not a brand new version of yourself just because it happens to be January 1st.

That’s not how change works.

It’s doesn’t happen overnight.

Life doesn’t have a refresh button that you can press every year.

And it doesn’t wipe away all your mistakes.

It doesn’t just lose all of your baggage like every airline ever.

It doesn’t change everything.

That’s kind of a pessimistic outlook, I know but don’t worry I’m not finished !!!!

I have the best news in the whole world y’all.

Are you ready for it?

(cue Taylor Swift)

You can be a brand new version of yourself tomorrow.

Or on Jan 3rd.

Or on Jan 30th.

Or June 30th.

Or Dec 31st.

You can start making better decisions right now!


If you feel the need to change something about your life in order to make it better,

Do it! Right now!

But if you happen to screw up on January 1st, 2019.

It’s all good.

Don’t sweat it,

Because you can always try again tomorrow.

And the day after.

And the day after that.

And probably even the day after.

Because you don’t need a brand new year to become a brand new you.

All you need is the desire to change and the courage to execute that change.

Because tomorrow might not be,

~January 1st~

But it’s still a perfectly good day to be brand, spankin’ new.


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